Biljana Rakić

Human Resources Manager / Execom doo


Biljana Rakić is an experienced Human Resources Manager at Execom doo, with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. She is interested in digital technology and employer branding.
Team leader of the communications team. Skilled in nonprofit organizations, corporate social responsibility, youth work, gender issues, women and children rights, conflict resolution, and talent management. Works as a trainer in various areas such as team building, working with individuals and groups, communication skills, etc.
She is the mother of Isak, Sara and Ema, enjoys taking photographs and eating chocolate.


The Power of Digital Tools in Internal Communication

Digital transformation leads to the acceleration and automation of everyday work, thus providing room for personal growth and development. Menial tasks are done faster, different processes become more transparent, and consultations and decisions are made simpler and faster. The supervision of work progress, task completion and future steps becomes much easier.
Still, the question remains: does digital transformation lead to alienation in the professional environment or affords more time for individual progress?
The presentation will encompass an overview of several tools intended for internal communication, HR workflow, and task management while highlighting their key strengths and weaknesses and opening room for discussion.